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deficient glandular activity.
absence of glands.


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  • Anadicrotic

    anadicrotic anadicrotic an·a·di·crot·ic (ān’ə-dī-krŏt’ĭk) adj. Anacrotic.

  • Anadicrotism

    anadicrotism anadicrotism an·a·di·cro·tism (ān’ə-dī’krə-tĭz’əm) n. See anacrotism.

  • Anadiplosis

    repetition in the first part of a clause or sentence of a prominent word from the latter part of the preceding clause or sentence, usually with a change or extension of meaning. noun (rhetoric) repetition of the words or phrase at the end of one sentence, line, or clause at the beginning of the next […]

  • Anadrenalism

    anadrenalism anadrenalism an·ad·re·nal·ism (ān’ə-drē’nə-lĭz’əm) n. Complete absence or failure of adrenal function.

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