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the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, identified by the Romans with Venus.
Historical Examples

And they were the real sacred pearls born of the water-drops which had rolled into the shell of anadyomene.
Ancient Manners Pierre Louys

She had come up from her morning dip in the sea, all tingling with love like anadyomene.
Shadows of Flames Amelie Rives

Finally, they arrived before a low door and the sailors entered with her for whom had been stolen the True Pearls of anadyomene.
Ancient Manners Pierre Louys

Not all the gold of Pactolus, not all the beauty of anadyomene, not all the wisdom of Minerva, could make such women ladies!
The College, the Market, and the Court Caroline H. Dall

But the soul of Thalia is under her bodice, into a neater than which, anadyomene could not have laced herself.
Their Majesties’ Servants (Volume 2 of 3) John Doran

Its sigh is the spirit that moves over the ocean, and arouses the anadyomene into life.
Alice, or The Mysteries, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

(Greek myth) the goddess of love and beauty, daughter of Zeus Roman counterpart Venus Also called Cytherea

Greek goddess of love and beauty; by the ancients, her name was derived from Greek aphros “foam,” from the story of her birth, but perhaps it is ultimately from Phoenician Ashtaroth (Assyrian Ishtar). In 17c. English, pronounced to rhyme with night, right, etc.
Aphrodite [(af-ruh-deye-tee)]

[Roman name Venus]

The Greek and Roman goddess of love and beauty; the mother of Eros and Aeneas. In what may have been the first beauty contest, Paris awarded her the prize (the apple of discord), choosing her over Hera and Athena as the most beautiful goddess (see Judgment of Paris). She was thought to have been born out of the foam of the sea and is thus often pictured rising from the water, notably in The Birth of Venus, by Botticelli.


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