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(transitive) to render insensible to pain by administering an anaesthetic

1848, from Greek anaisthetos (see anaesthesia) + -ize. Related: Anaesthetized; anaesthetizing.


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  • Anaesthetist

    . a person who administers , usually a specially trained doctor or nurse. noun (Brit) a qualified doctor specializing in the administration of anaesthetics US name anesthesiologist (US) a person qualified to administer anaesthesia, often a nurse or someone other than a physician Compare anesthesiologist noun local or general loss of bodily sensation, esp of […]

  • Anesthetist

    a person who administers , usually a specially trained doctor or nurse. Historical Examples It may be necessary, especially in the case of children, for the little patients to become familiar with the anesthetist. Psychotherapy James J. Walsh My mental note-taking continued as the anesthetist worked over me with the ether. “And they thought we […]

  • Anaesthetized

    . Historical Examples As very strong currents are required for this latter, the patient has first to be anaesthetized by a general anaesthetic. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 3 Various You were anaesthetized and some ray machine was used to heal the shoulder. Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930 Various They seemed to […]

  • Anagen

    anagen anagen an·a·gen (ān’ə-jěn’) n. The growth phase of the hair cycle during which new hair is formed.

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