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a pair of spectacles for viewing an .


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  • Anaglypta

    noun trademark a type of thick embossed wallpaper

  • Anagnorisis

    (in ancient Greek tragedy) the critical moment of recognition or discovery, especially preceding peripeteia. Historical Examples Il Lasca, who deserves great credit for his perspicacity, carried on an unremitting warfare against the comedy of anagnorisis. Renaissance in Italy: Italian Literature John Addington Symonds It was often associated with the anagnorisis or recognition. Play-Making William Archer […]

  • Anacrotism

    anacrotism anacrotism a·nac·ro·tism (ə-nāk’rə-tĭz’əm) n. The condition in which one or more notches or waves occur on the ascending limb of an arterial pulse tracing. Also called anadicrotism.

  • Anagogical

    of or relating to an . Psychology. deriving from, pertaining to, or reflecting the moral or idealistic striving of the unconscious: anagogic image; anagogic interpretation. Historical Examples The anagorical is what the dictionaries call the anagogical sense. The Fairy Godmothers and Other Tales Mrs. Alfred Gatty But I said this anagogical sense was hard to […]

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