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Anal fistula

anal fistula

anal fistula n.
A fistula opening at or near the anus, usually into the rectum above the internal sphincter.


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  • Anal orifice

    anal orifice anal orifice n. See anus.

  • Anal intercourse

    noun a form of sexual intercourse in which the penis is inserted into the anus

  • Anal pecten

    anal pecten anal pecten n. The middle third of the anal canal.

  • Anal personality

    anal personality anal personality [(ayn-l)] A popular term for “anal retentive personality,” a personality marked by excessive orderliness, extreme meticulousness, and often suspicion and reserve. According to psychoanalysis, an anal personality is formed in early childhood as a result of efforts to control bowel movements. (See anal stage, genital stage, and oral stage; compare oral […]

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