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Anal retentive

having an anal character.
a person who is anal retentive.
a person who exhibits anal personality traits
exhibiting anal personality traits


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  • Anal sinus

    anal sinus anal sinus n. Any of the grooves between the anal columns. Also called Morgagni’s crypt, rectal sinus.

  • Anal sphincter

    anal sphincter anal sphincter n. Either of the two sphincter muscles of the anus. See under external and internal sphincter muscle of anus.

  • Anal stage

    anal stage According to psychoanalysis, the second social and sexual stage of an infant’s development (after the oral stage), in which the infant learns to control bowel movements. Freudian psychology maintains that children gain pleasure from both passing and withholding their feces. Psychoanalysts believe that development of an anal personality is associated with frustration over […]

  • Anal vein

    one of several veins in the rear portion of the wing of an insect.

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