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of or relating to a mechanism that represents data by measurement of a continuous physical variable, as voltage or pressure.
something having analogy to something else.
Biology. an organ or part analogous to another.
Chemistry. one of a group of chemical compounds similar in structure but different in respect to elemental composition.
a food made from vegetable matter, especially soybeans, that has been processed to taste and look like another food, as meat or dairy, and is used as a substitute for it.
Historical Examples

analog computers have been used experimentally for theoretical projections of results.
Atoms, Nature, and Man Neal O. Hines

Today he still remains as the editor of that magazine’s evolved and redesigned successor, analog.
Islands of Space John W Campbell

a variant spelling of analogue

a physical object or quantity, such as a pointer on a dial or a voltage, used to measure or represent another quantity
(as modifier): analogue watch, analogue recording

something analogous to something else
(biology) an analogous part or organ

an organic chemical compound related to another by substitution of hydrogen atoms with alkyl groups: toluene is an analogue of benzene
an organic compound that is similar in structure to another organic compound: thiols are sulphur analogues of alcohols

(informal) a person who is afraid of using new technological devices Compare digital native, digital immigrant

chiefly U.S. spelling of analogue (q.v.).

1826, “an analogous thing,” from French analogue, from Greek analogon (itself used in English from c.1810), from ana “up to” (see ana-) + logos “account, ratio” (see lecture (n.)). Computing sense is recorded from 1946.

analogue an·a·logue or an·a·log (ān’ə-lôg’)

An organ or structure similar in function to one in another species but of dissimilar evolutionary origin.

A structural derivative of a parent chemical compound that often differs from it by a single element.

analog or analogue
Adjective Measuring or representing data by means of one or more physical properties that can express any value along a continuous scale. For example, the position of the hands of a clock is an analog representation of time. Compare digital.


An organ or structure that is similar in function to one in another kind of organism but is of dissimilar evolutionary origin. The wings of birds and the wings of insects are analogs.

A chemical compound that has a similar structure and similar chemical properties to those of another compound, but differs from it by a single element or group. The antibiotic amoxicillin, for example, is an analog of penicillin, differing from the latter by the addition of an amino group. Compare homologue.

American spelling of analogue.


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