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Analogy model

analogy model

A method of estimating the cost of a proposed software project by extrapolating from the costs and schedules of similar completed projects.


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  • Analogy test

    a reasoning test in which the subject is required to supply the missing term in a relationship of the form “A is to B as Y is to ^^^.”.

  • Analphabetic

    not alphabetic: an analphabetic arrangement of letters. unable to read or write; illiterate: analphabetic peoples. Phonetics. of or constituting a system of phonetic transcription, as the one devised by Otto Jespersen, that for each sound indicates by separate sets of symbols the articulator, the point of articulation, and the size and shape of the mouth […]

  • Analphabet

    a person who cannot read or write; illiterate.

  • Analysand

    a person undergoing psychoanalysis. noun any person who is undergoing psychoanalysis analysand a·nal·y·sand (ə-nāl’ĭ-sānd’) n. An individual who is being psychoanalyzed.

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