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a person who or who is skilled in analysis.
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Contemporary Examples

analyst Drew Crum estimates that revenue won’t claw back to 2008 levels until sometime after 2011.
The Most Powerful Woman in Newspapers? Peter Lauria May 15, 2010

Historical Examples

“Tell me where the infection came from, analyst,” he growled.
The Ties That Bind Walter Miller

But he himself must be the builder, the analyst only furnishes him with the necessary tools.
Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology C. G. Jung

The ‘analyst’ has completed the fifth year of its existence, and has, we think, continued to grow from the beginning.
British Quarterly Review, American Edition, Vol. LIII Various

a person who analyses or is skilled in analysis
short for psychoanalyst See psychoanalyst

1650s, “mathematician skilled in algebraic geometry,” from French analyste “a person who analyzes,” from analyser (see analysis). As a short form of psychoanalyst, attested from 1914. Greek analyter meant “a deliverer.”

analyst an·a·lyst (ān’ə-lĭst)

One that analyzes.

A licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis.


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