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the stage in mitosis or meiosis following metaphase in which the daughter chromosomes move away from each other to opposite ends of the cell.
the third stage of mitosis, during which the chromatids separate and migrate towards opposite ends of the spindle See also prophase, metaphase, telophase
the corresponding stage of the first division of meiosis

1887, coined in German (1884), from Greek ana- (see ana-) + phase (n.).

anaphase an·a·phase (ān’ə-fāz’)
The stage of mitosis and meiosis in which the chromosomes move from the equatorial plate toward opposite ends of the nuclear spindle.
The stage of cell division in mitosis or meiosis in which the doubled set of chromosomes separates into two identical groups that move to opposite ends of the cell. Anaphase is preceded by metaphase and followed by telophase. See more at meiosis, mitosis.


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