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of or relating to an .


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  • Anapsid

    belonging or pertaining to the Anapsida, a subclass of reptiles, extinct except for the turtles, characterized by having no opening in the temporal region of the skull. a reptile of the subclass Anapsida. anapsid (ə-nāp’sĭd) A reptile having a skull with no temporal openings. The earliest reptiles, the cotylosaurs, were anapsids, as are modern turtles. […]

  • Anaptotic

    (of languages) tending to become uninflected, in accordance with a theory that languages evolve from uninflected to inflected and back.

  • Anaptyxis

    epenthesis of a vowel. noun (pl) -tyxes (-ˈtɪksiːz) the insertion of a short vowel between consonants in order to make a word more easily pronounceable

  • Anapurna

    . Hinduism. (def 2). a mountain in N Nepal, in the Himalayas. 26,503 feet (8078 meters). noun a variant spelling of Annapurna noun a massif of the Himalayas, in Nepal. Highest peak: 8078 m (26 502 ft)

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