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of, like, or tending to .
advocating .
not regulated by law; lawless:
Anarchic bands pillaged the countryside.
Contemporary Examples

From degree shows to art fairs, artists have shown that they have the agenda of the anarchic Plane Stupid campaigners.
The Hottest Show on Earth Olivia Cole December 9, 2009

It’s all very madcap and zany, anarchic in a way familiar to any contemporary viewer of late-night TV made decades later.
The Absurdist Genius of Ernie Kovacs Andy Battaglia April 14, 2011

The untold story of East Germany’s anarchic underground punk scene and the critical role it played bringing down the Berlin Wall.
Did Punk Rock Tear Down the Wall? Tim Mohr November 7, 2009

He sees, in the anarchic Wall Street encampment, a sign of a grassroots revolt against austerity economics.
Unions Join Occupy Wall Street Michelle Goldberg October 3, 2011

Now other unions are joining the anarchic anti–Wall Street protests.
Unions Join Occupy Wall Street Michelle Goldberg October 3, 2011

Historical Examples

The old and anarchic system of Dublin Castle seems to be definitely doomed.
Six days of the Irish Republic Louis Redmond-Howard

If my anarchic friends will not have rules, they will have rulers.
A Chesterton Calendar G. K. Chesterton

It was supposed to be democratic, but it sometimes bordered on the anarchic.
The Penal Cluster Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)

Law can as little be anarchic as anarchy can be an institute of law.
The Future of International Law Lassa Oppenheim

More than once Magdaléna wished that she was cast in her friend’s anarchic mould.
The Californians Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton


1755, “chaotic, without order or rule,” from Greek anarkhos “without head or chief” (see anarchy) + -ic. Differentiated from anarchistic (1845) which tends to refer to the political philosophy of anarchism. An older word in this sense was anarchical (1590s). Anarchial is from 1710; Landor used anarchal (1824).


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