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Anastomotic branch

anastomotic branch

anastomotic branch n.
A blood vessel that connects two neighboring vessels.


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  • Anastomotic

    Anatomy. communication between blood vessels by means of collateral channels, especially when usual routes are obstructed. Biology, Geology. connection between parts of any branching system, as veinlets in a leaf or branches of a stream. Surgery, Pathology. a joining of or opening between two organs or spaces that normally are not connected. Historical Examples While […]

  • Anastomotic ulcer

    anastomotic ulcer anastomotic ulcer n. An ulcer of the jejunum occurring after gastroenterostomy.

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    inversion of the usual order of words. noun (rhetoric) another term for inversion (sense 3) n. “inversion of usual word order,” 1570s, from Greek anastrophe “a turning back, a turning upside down,” from anastrephein “to turn up or back, to turn upside down,” from ana “back” (see ana-) + strephein “to turn” (see strophe).

  • Anastrozole

    noun an anti-oestrogen drug used in the treatment of breast cancer in post-menopausal women Also called Arimidex

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