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of or relating to , its inhabitants, or their language.
of, relating to, or belonging to the Anatolian group or family of languages.
a native or inhabitant of .
any of various Turkish dialects spoken in .
a group or family of extinct languages that includes cuneiform Hittite and its nearest congeners, as Lycian, Lydian, and Luwian.
a variety of Turkish rug woven in .
Contemporary Examples

The exercise, called Anatolian Eagle, was conducted well out of sight of the wars raging in Syria and Iraq.
The Secret NATO-Turkey War Game for ISIS Clive Irving October 9, 2014

“We will not bow our heads to any threat,” the prime minister said during a speech in the central Anatolian city of Konya.
Turkey Sacks Police Chiefs After Arrests Target Politicians’ Families Thomas Seibert December 17, 2013

Historical Examples

The staff of the pachas followed, preceding the grandees who closed the march, mounted on Anatolian chargers.
Lothair Benjamin Disraeli

Its site is close to the station of Gonjeli on the Anatolian railway.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 2 Various

As a matter of fact no other Anatolian god could maintain his independence side by side with the deities of Pessinus.
The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism Franz Cumont

Of the Greek cities on the Anatolian coast something has been said already.
The Ancient East D. G. Hogarh

From then on, German capital took over and put into execution the tremendous project of the Anatolian railway.
The Accumulation of Capital Rosa Luxemburg

The Anatolian mats are made in large numbers, and are very thick and soft.
Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique & Modern Rosa Belle Holt

Twelve choice steeds, sumptuously caparisoned, each led by an Anatolian groom.
Alroy Benjamin Disraeli

A second assault was then made by the Anatolian infantry, a very superior force to the irregulars.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

of or relating to Anatolia or its inhabitants
denoting, belonging to, or relating to an ancient family of languages related to the Indo-European family and including Hittite
this family of languages, sometimes regarded as a branch of Indo-European
a native or inhabitant of Anatolia


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