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anatropia an·a·tro·pi·a (ān’ə-trō’pē-ə)
See anaphoria.


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  • Anatricrotism

    anatricrotism anatricrotism an·a·tri·cro·tism (ān’ə-trī’krə-tĭz’əm, -trĭk’rə-) n. A pulse anomaly manifested by a triple beat on the ascending limb of a sphygmographic tracing. an’a·tri·crot’ic (-trī-krŏt’ĭk) adj.

  • Anatropous

    (of an ovule) inverted at an early stage of growth, so that the micropyle is turned toward the funicle and the embryonic root is at the opposite end. Historical Examples Fertile flowers consisting of a single ovary tapering into a short style; stigmas 2–4, awl-shaped; ovule erect, anatropous. The Manual of the Botany of the […]

  • Anatta

    the doctrine asserting the nonexistence of a personal and immortal soul. Sanskrit, anatman. Historical Examples In the struggle they all used knives, and anatta cut his fingers so badly that when they ceased bleeding he could not close them. Hands Up; or Thirty-Five Years of Detective Life in the Mountains and on the Plains D. […]

  • Anatto

    . Historical Examples They do not properly tattoo, but color the skin with achote or anatto. The Andes and the Amazon James Orton Any Cheddar that isn’t colored with anatto is known as White Cheddar. The Complete Book of Cheese Robert Carlton Brown noun (pl) -tos a variant spelling of annatto

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