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noun (pl) -buries
a soft spongy tumour occurring in horses and oxen
(Brit, dialect) another name for club root
Historical Examples

anbury, in his American travels, observed their condition closely and described it with what we must believe impartial accuracy.
The Colonial Cavalier Maud Wilder Goodwin

In transplanting Cabbages it is a good plan to discard and burn such plants as are obviously affected with anbury.
The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers From Seeds and Roots, 16th Edition Sutton and Sons

anbury causes a scabbed and broken skin, and tubercular growths on the roots and at the base of the bulb.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

The buzzing of the B’s was so interminable, ‘anbury was so hangry, that it seemed there really must be some fire under the smoke.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 108, March 16, 1895 Various

The great plague is club or anbury, for which there is no direct remedy or preventive known.
The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers From Seeds and Roots, 16th Edition Sutton and Sons


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