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Anchor buoy

a buoy used to indicate the location of an underwater anchor.
Historical Examples

He got into a rowboat brought by an attendant, and tied the plane to an anchor buoy.
The Electronic Mind Reader John Blaine


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  • Anchor deck

    a small forecastle housing the machinery for operating the anchors of a ship.

  • Anchor escapement

    an escapement in which wedge-shaped pallets engage with an escape wheel having pointed teeth, usually facing in the direction of revolution, so that the escape wheel recoils slightly at every release. Historical Examples As a timekeeper the anchor escapement is inferior to the dead-beat escapement. Time Telling through the Ages Harry Chase Brearley The motions […]

  • Anchor ice

    ice formed below the surface of a body of water that attaches either to a submerged object or to the bottom. noun (Canadian) ice that forms at the bottom of a lake or river

  • Anchor knot

    . a knot made by taking a round turn on the object to which the rope is to be fastened, passing the end of the rope around the standing part and under the round turn, and securing the end. noun a knot used to fasten a rope to an anchor, ring, or spar

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