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that portion of a harbor or area outside a harbor suitable for anchoring or in which ships are permitted to anchor.
a charge for occupying such an area.
the act of anchoring or the state of being anchored.
that to which anything is fastened.
a means of anchoring or making fast.
something that can be relied on:
The Bible is her anchorage.
(in a suspension bridge) a massive masonry or concrete construction securing a cable at each end.

an abutment.
the locking in of a tooth filling by means of an undercut.

a seaport in S Alaska: earthquake 1964.
Contemporary Examples

When: July 18-19 Getting there: There are daily flights to Cordova from both anchorage and Seattle (via Juneau).
America’s Best Summer Food Festivals Lonely Planet July 4, 2014

Alaskans in these rural communities can order alcohol to be flown in from anchorage, but it is not sold locally.
Palin’s Booze Hypocrisy Shushannah Walshe January 12, 2010

In October, he was found guilty on all counts and would lose his seat to Mark Begich, then mayor of anchorage, the following week.
Ted Stevens’ Final Chapter Alexandra Gutierrez August 10, 2010

She then addressed supporters and media at her anchorage headquarters.
Murkowski Bows Out in Alaska Shushannah Walshe August 31, 2010

It’s hard for the small suburb of anchorage to imagine, even as some describe him as an aggressive guy with a temper.
The Wasilla Army Killer’s Dark Past Shushannah Walshe March 22, 2011

Historical Examples

For anchorage there was a tough, fair-sized shrub close to the wall.
Herland Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman

It pushed its way to the water at her very feet, and chose that as its anchorage.
A Spirit in Prison Robert Hichens

Immediately after answered signal “steer in shore and look out for anchorage.”
The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson Ida Lee

Why else should she move from her anchorage thus in the dead of night?
The Sea-Hawk Raphael Sabatini

Not until the 21st of July did the Americans leave their anchorage.
The Naval History of the United States Willis J. Abbot.

the act of anchoring
any place where a vessel is anchored
a place designated for vessels to anchor
a fee imposed for anchoring
anything used as an anchor
a source of security or strength
something that supplies a secure hold for something else
the cell or retreat of an anchorite
the largest city in Alaska, a port in the south, at the head of Cook Inlet. Pop: 270 951 (2003 est)

mid-14c., “toll or charge for anchoring” (see anchor (v.) + -age. Meaning “act of dropping anchor, being at anchor” is from 1610s; that of “place suitable for anchoring” is from 1706. The Alaska city of Anchorage was founded 1914.

anchorage an·chor·age (āng’kər-ĭj)

The surgical fixation of loose or prolapsed abdominal or pelvic organs.

The part to which something is secured or stabilized.

A tooth or an implanted tooth substitute to which a fixed or removable partial denture, crown, or restorative material is fastened.

The resistance to displacement offered by an anatomical structure used to help move a tooth.

City in south-central Alaska; largest city in the state.


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