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Ancien regime

the political and social system of France before the revolution of 1789.
the system of government during this period.
Contemporary Examples

We’ve forgotten the persistence of what many dismiss as America’s ancien regime.
Behind the Brooke Astor Affair Michael Gross November 16, 2008

Historical Examples

She is quite indifferent to coquetry, this grande dame of the ancien regime!
Man and Maid Elinor Glyn

The shadowy ghost of the ancien regime seemed to have become more bowed during the conversation.
A Set of Six Joseph Conrad

There was, however, another side to the so-called “ancien regime” which we must keep in mind.
The Story of Mankind Hendrik van Loon

He was an enthusiast for the ancien regime, and was trying to re-enact literally the family life of the last Bourbons.
The Innocence of Father Brown G. K. Chesterton

She adroitly led the conversation to the times which had now, within a few short years, become the “ancien regime.”
The Chouans Honore de Balzac

noun (pl) anciens régimes (ɑ̃sjɛ̃ reʒim)
the political and social system of France before the Revolution of 1789
a former or outdated regime

1794, from French ancien régime, literally “old rule,” referring to the government and social order of France before the Revolution there. See ancient + regime.
ancien régime [(ahnn-syann ray-zheem)]

The political and social order that prevailed in France before the French Revolution, built on a belief in absolute monarchy and the divine right of kings.


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