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subordinate; subsidiary.
auxiliary; assisting.
something that serves in an ancillary capacity:
Slides, records, and other ancillaries can be used with the basic textbook.
auxiliary; supplementary: ancillary services
noun (pl) -laries
a subsidiary or auxiliary thing or person: the company has an ancillary abroad

1660s, “subservient, subordinate,” from Latin ancillaris “relating to maidservants,” diminutive of ancilla “handmaid,” fem. diminutive of anculus “servant,” literally “he who bustles about,” from root of ambi- “about” (see ambi-) + PIE *kwol-o-, from root *kwel- “move round, turn about, be much about” (see cycle (n.)).

ancillary an·cil·lar·y (ān’sə-lěr’ē)
Relating to or being auxiliary or secondary.


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