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Automated Nautical Charting System


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    a king of Rome, during whose reign the first bridge across the Tiber was constructed. Historical Examples “You never did see Ancus Marcius, that’s all brag,” cried a voice that sounded full of irritation and even nervous exhaustion. The Possessed Fyodor Dostoevsky Numae Pompilii nepos Ancus Marcius erat, aequitate et religione avo similis. Selections from […]

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    ancylostoma braziliense Ancylostoma braziliense Ancylostoma bra·zil·i·en·se (brə-zĭl’ē-ěn’sē) n. A species of hookworm that usually is an intestinal parasite of dogs and cats but can also infest the skin of humans.

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