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of or like the .
Contemporary Examples

At least 50,000 families in the Andean highlands rely on herding alpaca for income and to sustain themselves.
Put Down That Cashmere. There’s a New Luxury Wool in Town Ann Binlot December 1, 2013

Soon enough, I felt my own guts rebelling and stepped out into the crystalline Andean night.
Spirit Tripping With Colombian Shamans Chris Allbritton August 23, 2014

His plea for a haven in a small, poor Andean nation may well be his emblematic endgame.
Julian Assange’s Asylum Gamble: End of the Wikileaks Saga? Mac Margolis July 4, 2012

But more than rogue diplomacy was on display in the Andean escape.
Escape from Bolivia Mac Margolis September 1, 2013

Look for the Andean strongman to double down on the next campaign.
Hugo Chávez Wins Reelection and Looks to the Future Mac Margolis October 13, 2012

Historical Examples

The famous “nitrates” of Chile are obtained2 in the fiercest part of the Andean desert.
Wealth of the World’s Waste Places and Oceania
Jewett Castello Gilson

All the Andean people worshiped some object as an ancestral deity.
The Prehistoric World E. A. Allen

The condor, which inhabits the higher Cordilleras, is peculiar to the whole Andean region, and is the largest of the Raptores.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 6 Various

Not all the deep Andean valleys lie on or near the eastern border.
The Andes of Southern Peru Isaiah Bowman

The plains and mountains of the Andean land are the haunts of the jaguar, puma, wild cat, and various breeds of wild deer.
The Amazing Argentine John Foster Fraser

of, relating to, or resembling the Andes


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    noun a trading block composed of Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia, and Peru, with associate members Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay

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    See under (def 1). either of two large, New World vultures of the family Cathartidae, Gymnogyps californianus (California condor) or Vultur gryphus (Andean condor) the largest flying birds in the Western Hemisphere: the California condor is almost extinct; the Andean condor is greatly reduced in number and rare in many areas. a former coin of […]

  • Andean deer

    . a yellowish-brown deer of the genus Hippocamelus, of South America: the two species are endangered.

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