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Hans Christian
[hanz] /hænz/ (Show IPA), 1805–75, Danish author, especially of fairy tales.
Contemporary Examples

“Women are warming up to getting used to doing something like this and using our services,” Andersen adds.
More Rich, High-Powered Women Are Turning to Matchmakers to Find Love Paula Froelich August 14, 2012

So popular is Andersen in China that next year a $13-million theme park based on his fairytales will open in Shanghai.
The Surprising Reasons the Chinese Love the Little Mermaid Chantel Tattoli August 24, 2013

Historical Examples

And that little winged monster over there, he used to whisper in my ears more thrilling tales than either Grimm or Andersen.
Faith and Unfaith Duchess

Then Mr. Andersen told his voyage all over again, and that he had come for good.
A Little Girl of Long Ago Amanda Millie Douglas

Why, it looks like—no, it cannot be—yes, it is Mr. Andersen.
A Little Girl of Long Ago Amanda Millie Douglas

There never was a stranger history than this of young Andersen’s.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine – Volume 62, No. 384, October 1847 Various

No one puts himself so wholly in the child’s place and looks at nature so wholly with his eyes as Andersen.
Library Of The World’s Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 2 Charles Dudley Warner

It is such a pity that Mr. Andersen had to attend to so many other things.
Albert Ballin Bernhard Huldermann

So, in this case, it was necessary to make arrangements for a ceremony over which Pastor Andersen should preside.
Ticket No. “9672” Jules Verne

Perhaps you and Andersen will shortly discover a basis on which you can co-operate.
Albert Ballin Bernhard Huldermann

Hans Christian. 1805–75, Danish author of fairy tales, including The Ugly Duckling, The Tin Soldier, and The Snow Queen


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