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a village in SW Georgia: site of a Confederate military prison.
Contemporary Examples

Do you enjoy the Escape from Andersonville book tour—going out and meeting your readers?
Gene Hackman’s War Taylor Antrim September 27, 2009

Historical Examples

The diseases were different in character from those which swept off the prisoners at Andersonville.
Andersonville, Volume 4 John McElroy

For instance, the prison of Andersonville was hateful to the whole North.
The Southern South Albert Bushnell Hart

The world will never know or believe the horrors of Andersonville and other prisons in the South.
Andersonville, Volume 3 John McElroy

There, was little of the violence of dissolution so common at Andersonville.
Andersonville, Volume 4 John McElroy

Pensioned at rate of twenty dollars a month for disabilities incurred in Andersonville Prison.
Company K, Twentieth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry Andrew Brown

We all know what that word means in connection with “Andersonville” and “Libby.”
Folly as It Flies Fanny Fern

Twenty-five thousand of them were starving and dying in Andersonville.
With Fire and Sword Samuel H. M. Byers

At Andersonville Hopkins became one of the officers in charge of the Hospital.
Andersonville, Volume 3 John McElroy

We arrived at Andersonville, Ga., five days after leaving Danville.
Opium Eating Anonymous


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