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a city in NE Massachusetts.
Contemporary Examples

One comes to me from Mr. Hyde, my wonderful English teacher at Andover.
Anthony Grafton: How I Write Noah Charney July 16, 2013

I went to Andover with Belichick in the 1970s (he was there for a postgraduate year while I was kept prisoner for four years).
The Material Super Bowl: Madonna, Ferris Bueller—and the Game, Too Buzz Bissinger February 2, 2012

Now, Leno is a Boston boy, a graduate of Emerson College and raised in nearby Andover, Massachusetts.
Jay Leno Wins Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award Samuel P. Jacobs February 3, 2011

He would have had little sympathy for Bush and his gilded path from Andover to Yale to Harvard to elected office.
Texas GOP Shuns Bush Robert Bryce April 30, 2009

I lived in Andover, Massachusetts, and I was good at languages.
How a New England Yankee Conquered China Sarah Whitman-Salkin July 13, 2009

Historical Examples

But the day before the steamer sailed she was summoned to Andover by the serious illness of her only son, who is at school there.
David Harum Edward Noyes Westcott

“Now for a kick,” said Stover, as the Andover end came out opposite him.
The Varmint Owen Johnson

The other was in Andover, Mass., which, is justly celebrated for the beauty of its sunsets.
Continental Monthly, Vol. 4, No 3, September 1863 Various

Thus checked and to use the advantage of the wind Andover elected to kick.
The Varmint Owen Johnson

Im sorry to see that poor Andover is dead, said the Canon, blandly.
The Bishop’s Apron W. Somerset Maugham


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