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a male or female given name, Latinized form of .
Contemporary Examples

Dylan Byers at Politico is smelling a traffic breakthrough by burrowing after MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell about Wawagate.
Wawagate Michael Tomasky June 18, 2012

In his portrait of a castrato, Andrea Sacchi let a well-hung Apollo make up for the singer’s loss.
The Best of 2013’s Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik Blake Gopnik December 25, 2013

“We cannot accept that having 19 percent of women in [the U.S.] Congress is OK,” she told moderator Andrea Mitchell.
Women in the World Summit: Fearless Women Taking On the World Katie Baker March 11, 2012

But the turning point came in the afternoon when Andrea Mitchell interviewed Komen founder Nancy Brinker on her MSNBC show.
Media Forced Komen Apology Howard Kurtz February 4, 2012

Editor’s Note: Andrea Vogt is a freelance writer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
How the Media Got Knox Wrong Barbie Latza Nadeau April 1, 2010

Historical Examples

Andrea never suspected that she had been cruel to the youth.
Balsamo, The Magician Alexander Dumas

In the drawing-room, above the fireplace, is a superb Andrea del Sarto.
The Diary of a Man of Fifty Henry James

Andrea Aretino, the scholar of Daniello, lived at a later period, or at least until 1615.
The History of Painting in Italy, Vol. 1 (of 6) Luigi Antonio Lanzi

There I took leave of my other fellow-prisoner, Andrea Torrelli.
My Ten Years’ Imprisonment Silvio Pellico

Trained in the workshop of Andrea Verrocchio, he became one of the greatest and most versatile artists of the Renaissance.
The World’s Greatest Books — Vol XX — Miscellaneous Literature and Index Various


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