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a tragedy (1667) by Racine.
Historical Examples

With Andromaque French tragedy ceased to be oratorical, and became essentially poetic.
A History of French Literature Edward Dowden

The spark is lighted when Pyrrhus declares to Andromaque that if she will not marry him he will execute her son.
Landmarks in French Literature G. Lytton Strachey

Lithen: Andromaque ith a queen whothe huthband hath been killed; Pyrrhuth here wanth to marry her, and the wont.
The Milkmaid of Montfermeil (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume XX) Charles Paul de Kock

Racine revealed himself in the Andromaque as the “first modern poet.”
Louis XIV and La Grande Mademoiselle Arvede Barine

Her reception as Hermione, in Andromaque, in March 1774, was the first sign of the coming storm.
Later Queens of the French Stage H. Noel Williams

His death, which occurred in 1668, is said to have been caused by over-exertion as Orestes in Racine’s Andromaque.
Queens of the French Stage H. Noel Williams

Then, on August 22, I played with immense success the rle of Andromaque.
My Double Life Sarah Bernhardt

I thought of the preceding night, of the Orestes of Andromaque who agreed to sacrifice Pyrrhus.
Atlantida Pierre Benoit

Corneille continued to write for the stage, and Racine’s first play, the “Andromaque,” was presented in 1667.
The World’s Greatest Books — Vol XX — Miscellaneous Literature and Index Various

This, of course, was little Rachel, who was about to play the part of Hermione in Andromaque.
Old and New Paris, v. 1 Henry Sutherland Edwards


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