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Pathology. suffering from .
lacking power, vigor, vitality, or colorfulness; listless; weak:
an anemic effort; anemic tones.
Contemporary Examples

Soon after my article was published, McCain was placed on probation at the Times, purportedly because of his anemic work habits.
Palin’s Noxious Ghostwriter Max Blumenthal November 15, 2009

Given the anemic economy and three upcoming debates, he is hardly out of the game.
Romney ‘Victims’ Video Digs Hole for Campaign Damaged by Infighting Howard Kurtz September 17, 2012

Reid is going to try to win ugly, throwing in the kitchen sink and more to overcome his anemic 20 percent approval ratings.
Women Rule Primary Night Mark McKinnon June 8, 2010

Polls taken shortly before Obama’s inauguration put Dick Cheney’s approval rating at an anemic 30% in his home state.
Congresswoman Cheney? Benjamin Sarlin May 29, 2009

If he doesn’t have anemic, 70,000-ish jobs numbers to bash, he has no rationale at all.
Jobs Numbers: Good for Obama Michael Tomasky August 2, 2012

Historical Examples

It is not necessary to specify the diseases from which a child may suffer and recover, in an anemic condition.
The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV. (of IV.) Grant Hague

Dora is always saying that she is anemic, but of course that is not true.
A Young Girl’s Diary An Anonymous Young Girl

The only thing he could think of with which to compare the Cirissins was the intestinal complex of an anemic elephant.
High Dragon Bump Don Thompson

Dora is kept in bed to-day and our Doctor says too that she’s anemic.
A Young Girl’s Diary An Anonymous Young Girl

Mother says she is anemic; that sounds frightfully interesting, but I don’t quite know what it means.
A Young Girl’s Diary An Anonymous Young Girl

the usual US spelling of anaemic

alternative (chiefly U.S.) spelling of anaemic (q.v.). See ae.
A deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood, as in the amount of hemoglobin or the number or volume of red blood cells. Iron deficiency, often caused by inadequate dietary consumption of iron, and blood loss are common causes of anemia. See also aplastic anemia, hemolytic anemia.and sickle cell anemia.

anemic adjective


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  • Anemic anoxia

    anemic anoxia anemic anoxia n. See anemic hypoxia.

  • Anemic halo

    anemic halo anemic halo n. A pale, relatively avascular area in the skin seen around spider nevi, cherry angiomas, and some acute macular eruptions.

  • Anemic hypoxia

    anemic hypoxia anemic hypoxia n. Hypoxia resulting from a decreased concentration of functional hemoglobin or a reduced number of erythrocytes. Also called anemic anoxia.

  • Anemic infarct

    anemic infarct anemic infarct n. An infarct in which little or no bleeding into tissue occurs when the blood supply is obstructed. Also called white infarct. Historical Examples The arteries of the heart are not terminal vessels but as a rule blocking of a large branch leads to anemic infarct. Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension: Louis Marshall […]

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