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(of a fruit, seed, or spore) adapted for dispersion by wind.
(of a plant) having anemochorous fruits, seeds, or spores, as the dandelion.


Read Also:

  • Anemochory

    the dispersal of plant seeds or spores by the wind.

  • Anemogram

    an anemographic record.

  • Anemograph

    a recording anemometer. Historical Examples The hut is towards the left-hand side and the anemograph is on the hill. The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson The anemograph screen was blown over and smashed beyond all repair. The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson In a seventy-five-mile wind, Hodgeman had several fingers frost-bitten this morning […]

  • Anemology

    the study of the movements of the winds. noun (archaic) the study of winds

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