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in regard to; about; concerning.
British. beside; in line with.
Historical Examples

anent the Irish bull, we may quote an Irishman’s answer when asked to define a bull.
Jokes For All Occasions Anonymous

Gleason once discovered, anent the club-room, that she had a temper.
Marion’s Faith. Charles King

Soon, something I had said anent his last poem set his thoughts loose.
Shelburne Essays, Third Series Paul Elmer More

Nae doot, its anent the law-plea he has been brought into, on account of his property.
The Entail John Galt

I would hae some scruples mysel’ anent buying and selling men and women o’ any colour.
The Bow of Orange Ribbon Amelia E. Barr

anent the stirring of curds, use the hands as little as possible.
Hints on Dairying T. D. Curtis

What were you saying, Jamie, anent an outcast wi your uncle?
The Entail John Galt

I will be down at seven, and meanwhile you may speak to Christina anent her duty.
A Reconstructed Marriage Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

“I think naught will be said anent the subject,” he replied.
Peggy Owen and Liberty Lucy Foster Madison

Peggy, he helped you anent Cousin David then; will you help me about my father?
Peggy Owen Patriot Lucy Foster Madison

preposition (Scot)
lying against; alongside
concerning; about

“concerning, about,” early 13c., onont “on level with,” also “in the company of, fronting against,” from Old English on efn “near to, close by,” originally “on even (ground) with;” the parasitic -t added 12c. A northern form (in Midlands, anenst, with adverbial genitive), affected by English writers in Scottish sense of “in respect or reference to.” Cf. German neben “near to, by the side of,” short for in eben, from Old High German ebani “equality.”


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