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Historical Examples

The said Johnne Leslye, (according to his formar vowes,) strook him first anes or twyse, and so did the said Petir.
The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6) John Knox

Twa heads are better than ane, though they’re but sheep’s anes.
The Proverbs of Scotland Alexander Hislop

It’s no the same to him as to the like o’ us, that can sleep ony gate an anes our wames are fu’.
The Antiquary, Complete Sir Walter Scott

anes gehwilces geleaffulles mannes md is Godes hs, swa swa se apostol cw, “Godes tempel is halig, t ge sind.”
The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church lfric

Originally for then anes, for the once; where then is the dat.
Chaucer’s Works, Volume 6 (of 7) — Introduction, Glossary, and Indexes Geoffrey Chaucer

God bless you, Mr MLevy; yeve saved mony a anes property, and yere sent here this night to save mine.
At War with Society or, Tales of the Outcasts James McLevy

The old man made no reply, but submissively walked away into the Coin & anes.
The Battle Of The Strong, Complete Gilbert Parker

And se Pater Noster he mæg anna ealla gesceafta on his thære swithran hand on anes wæxæpples onlienesse gethŷn and gewringan.
Anglo-Saxon Literature John Earle

determiner, pronoun, noun
a Scottish word for one


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