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to render physically insensible, as by an .
Historical Examples

Now Ricky French especially has the air of a demonstrating anatomist over an anesthetized body.
Young People’s Pride Stephen Vincent Benet

Then she turned quickly and surprised her anesthetized audience.
The Quickening Francis Lynde

A gauze bag of the correct shape and size is filled with salt and ice mixed, and applied to the area to be anesthetized.
Surgery, with Special Reference to Podiatry Maximilian Stern

By putting a few drops of chloroform into the jar, the insect is anesthetized, and its struggles are made quickly to cease.
The Butterfly Book William Jacob Holland

The patient should be anesthetized, and, by the use of a wedge as a fulcrum, the bones should be forced into position.
Surgery, with Special Reference to Podiatry Maximilian Stern

One woman, Hannah Green, had been anesthetized in 1848 by chloroform before undergoing a minor operation on her toe.
Bloodletting Instruments in the National Museum of History and Technology Audrey Davis

Failing in this manner of procedure, the affected animal is to be cast and anesthetized with chloroform.
Lameness of the Horse John Victor Lacroix

He described the fact that Governor Connally was conscious up until the time he was anesthetized in the operating room.
Warren Commission (6 of 26): Hearings Vol. VI (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

This wound was covered by a dressing which could not be removed until the Governor was anesthetized.
Warren Commission (4 of 26): Hearings Vol. IV (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy


alternative spelling of anaesthetize (q.v.). See ae.

anesthetize a·nes·the·tize (ə-něs’thĭ-tīz’)
v. a·nes·the·tized, a·nes·the·tiz·ing, a·nes·the·tiz·es
To induce anesthesia in.
an·es’the·ti·za’tion (-tĭ-zā’shən) n.


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