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the right of a belligerent state to seize and use the property of neutrals for purposes of warfare, subject to payment of full compensation.
Historical Examples

This practice is called “angary” or “prestation,” and is by most jurists either condemned or regarded with disfavor.
International Law George Grafton Wilson and George Fox Tucker

Whatever the extent of the right of angary may be, it does not derive from the law of neutrality.
International Law. A Treatise. Volume II (of 2) Lassa Francis Oppenheim

But the right of angary itself is rather a right deriving from the law of war.
International Law. A Treatise. Volume II (of 2) Lassa Francis Oppenheim

(international law) the right of a belligerent state to use the property of a neutral state or to destroy it if necessary, subject to payment of full compensation to the owners


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