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Also called archangel. any plant belonging to the genus Angelica, of the parsley family, especially A. archangelica, cultivated in Europe for its aromatic odor and medicinal root and for its stalks, which are candied and eaten.
the candied stalks of this plant.
a female given name.
Contemporary Examples

No one feels it necessary to tell angelica that Bunny was once her father’s lover.
House of Cads: Growing Up Amid the Weirdness of Bloomsbury Jessica Ferri April 9, 2014

angelica, 24, of Naples says that everyone has a little bit of “tamarri” in them.
Italy’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoff Barbie Latza Nadeau June 16, 2011

Tancredi joins Garibaldi and marries the rich bourgeois beauty angelica.
Favorite Historical Novels Stella Tillyard November 8, 2011

We were waiting for angelica Huston, who was playing Morticia, to come out of her trailer.
Nathan Lane’s Final Musical? Kevin Sessums April 7, 2010

“Soaps are thriving,” says angelica McDaniel, Senior Vice President, CBS Daytime.
How the Daytime Soap Came Back From the Dead Tim Teeman January 29, 2014

Historical Examples

You can’t believe that angelica really knew Letty was so ill?
The Builders Ellen Glasgow

“Yes,” says angelica, going on in her foolish ungrateful way.
The Christmas Books William Makepeace Thackeray

“I would not stay,” replied Caroline, looking not at him, but straight into angelica’s eyes.
The Builders Ellen Glasgow

“I didn’t finish what I was going to tell you about 208,” said Sister angelica.
Flamsted quarries Mary E. Waller

A friend of Fuseli, she was said to be as much in love with him as he was in love with angelica Kauffman.
Women in the fine arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D. Clara Erskine Clement

Also called archangel. any tall umbelliferous plant of the genus Angelica, having compound leaves and clusters of small white or greenish flowers, esp A. archangelica, the aromatic seeds, leaves, and stems of which are used in medicine and cookery
the candied stems of this plant, used for decorating and flavouring sweet dishes

fem. proper name, Latin fem. of angelicus “angelic” (see angel).


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