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a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Avlon, Angelo, and Louis focus on writing that resembles “short stories that really happened.”
This Week’s Hot Reads: Nov. 19, 2012 Nicholas Mancusi, Jimmy So November 18, 2012

“That is a fact we are certainly going to be reminding Democrats about,” Angelo said.
Is Gay Marriage Going Away in 2016? David Freedlander December 3, 2014

The greedy mayor channels Angelo Mozilo, the now-disgraced former CEO of Countrywide Financial, constantly downplaying any risk.
Cloudy With a Chance of Mortgages Jonathan Wald October 2, 2009

Copyright © 2012 by Robin Gaby Fisher and Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr.
Inside Tania Head’s Terrible 9/11 Lie: ‘The Woman Who Wasn’t There’ Robin Gaby Fisher, Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. April 5, 2012

How would I have known that Angelo Ferretti was going to be such an important person in my life?
Diane von Furstenberg: How I Learned to Love My Wrap Dress Lizzie Crocker October 26, 2014

Historical Examples

Immediately the experience of Angelo and Liberato was repeated.
A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages; volume III Henry Charles Lea

Angelo, the would-be Puritan ruler, was a “false seemer,” Malvolio was a “chough.”
The Man Shakespeare Frank Harris

Mr. Angelo Lewis, the writer on magic, reveals an ingenious method by which levitation is effected.
Hours with the Ghosts or, Nineteenth Century Witchcraft Henry Ridgely Evans

Tell me, Angelo, and truly; is your violin like other violins?
The Fifth String

John Philip Sousa

The crowd surged round Angelo and bore him away, bewildered.
Tutt and Mr. Tutt Arthur Train


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