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angiectatic an·gi·ec·tat·ic (ān’jē-ĭk-tāt’ĭk)
Marked by the presence of dilated blood vessels.


Read Also:

  • Angiectomy

    angiectomy angiectomy an·gi·ec·to·my (ān’jē-ěk’tə-mē) n. Excision of a section of a blood vessel.

  • Angiectopia

    angiectopia angiectopia an·gi·ec·to·pi·a (ān’jē-ěk-tō’pē-ə) n. Abnormal location or course of a blood vessel.

  • Angiitis

    angiitis angiitis an·gi·i·tis (ān’jē-ī’tĭs) n. See vasculitis.

  • Angelically

    of or belonging to : the angelic host. like or befitting an , especially in virtue, beauty, etc.: angelic sweetness. Historical Examples Some saints, it is true, like Luigi di Gonzaga, were so angelically natured that they never felt the sting of sexual desire. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 (of 6) Havelock […]

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