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angioendotheliomatosis an·gi·o·en·do·the·li·o·ma·to·sis (ān’jē-ō-ěn’dō-thē’lē-ō’mə-tō’sĭs)
Proliferation of endothelial cells within blood vessels.


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  • Angiofibroma

    angiofibroma angiofibroma an·gi·o·fi·bro·ma (ān’jē-ō-fī-brō’mə) n. See telangiectatic fibroma.

  • Angiofibrosis

    angiofibrosis angiofibrosis an·gi·o·fi·bro·sis (ān’jē-ō-fī-brō’sĭs) n. Fibrosis of the walls of blood vessels.

  • Angiogenesis

    Biology. the formation and development of blood vessels. Contemporary Examples It blocks signals involved in both cell proliferation and angiogenesis. Jobs’s Unorthodox Treatment Sharon Begley October 5, 2011 noun the induction of blood-vessel growth, often in association with a particular organ or tissue, or with a tumour n. 1896, from angio- + genesis. angiogenesis an·gi·o·gen·e·sis […]

  • Angiogenesis factor

    angiogenesis factor angiogenesis factor n. A substance of 2000 to 20,000 molecular weight secreted by macrophages and stimulating neovascularization in healing wounds or in the stroma of tumors.

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