angiospasm an·gi·o·spasm (ān’jē-ō-spāz’əm)
See vasospasm.
an’gi·o·spas’tic (-spās’tĭk) adj.

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  • Angiosperm

    a plant having its seeds enclosed in an ovary; a flowering plant. noun any seed-bearing plant of the phylum Angiospermophyta (division Angiospermae in traditional systems), in which the ovules are enclosed in an ovary, which develops into the fruit after fertilization; any flowering plant Compare gymnosperm n. 1853, from Modern Latin Angiospermae, coined 1690 by […]

  • Angiospermous

    of or relating to an ; having enclosed seeds.

  • Angiostatin

    a naturally occurring protein that inhibits endothelial proliferation and interferes with the growth of new blood vessels, investigated for use as an anticancer drug.

  • Angiostaxis

    angiostaxis angiostaxis an·gi·o·stax·is (ān’jē-ō-stāk’sĭs) n. The oozing of blood. No longer in technical use. Hemophilia. No longer in technical use.

  • Angiostenosis

    angiostenosis angiostenosis an·gi·o·ste·no·sis (ān’jē-ō-stə-nō’sĭs) n. The narrowing of one or more blood vessels.

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