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Angiostrongylus malaysiensis

angiostrongylus malaysiensis

Angiostrongylus malaysiensis An·gi·o·stron·gy·lus ma·lay·si·en·sis (ān’jē-ō-strŏn’jə-ləs mə-lā’zē-ěn’sĭs)
A Malaysian species of the parasitic nematode genus Angiostrongylus,an agent of angiostrongylosis.


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    angiostrongylosis angiostrongylosis an·gi·o·stron·gy·lo·sis (ān’jē-ō-strŏn’jə-lō’sĭs) n. The infection of humans with parasites of the genus Angiostrongylus. Also called eosinophilic meningitis.

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