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Angle iron

an iron or steel bar, brace, or cleat in the form of an angle.
Also called angle, angle bar, L bar, L beam. a piece of structural iron or steel having a cross section in the form of an L .
Historical Examples

A settee-cushion, all burst and impaled upon a piece of angle iron, impeded him.
Command William McFee

It was double-rivetted, and the crown of tube was strengthened with angle iron.
Records of Steam Boiler Explosions Edward Bindon Marten

To bend an angle iron into a circle, with the flange at the extreme diameter, the block and pins shown in Fig. 2902 are employed.
Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II Joshua Rose

The irons, instead of being made of strap iron, are of angle iron.
Camp and Trail Stewart Edward White

An example of a screw of uniform pitch would be a piece of angle iron wound around a parallel shaft.
Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II Joshua Rose

The welding is done on the corner of an angle block, as in Fig. 2901, in which a is the angle iron and b the angle block.
Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II Joshua Rose

The bridge was strengthened by eighty-three miles of angle iron.
The Iron Horse R.M. Ballantyne

A squared outer corner next the angle iron prevents their spreading, but a rounded inner corner permits their being folded flat.
Camp and Trail Stewart Edward White

We now only think in terms of angle iron, plates, butt straps, and rivets which follow one orthodox pattern.
Reminiscences of a Liverpool Shipowner, 1850-1920 Sir William Bower Forwood

The hulls, navicular in form and having a flat bottom, are constructed of one-tenth inch iron plate and 40×40 angle iron.
Scientific American Supplement No. 299 Various

Also called angle, angle bar. an iron or a steel structural bar that has an L-shaped cross section
any piece of iron or steel forming an angle, esp a right angle


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