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Angle of bank

the angle between the lateral axis of an aircraft in flight and the horizontal


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  • Angle of advance

    noun (engineering) the angle in excess of 90° that a steam-engine valve gear is in advance of the crank the angle between the point of ignition and bottom dead-centre in a spark-ignition engine

  • Angle of anomaly

    angle of anomaly angle of anomaly n. The degree of deviation from parallelism in an eye with strabismus. Also called angle of abnormality.

  • Angled

    having an angle or angles. Heraldry. noting an interrupted partition line having the two parts offset and a line at right connecting them. (of an ordinary) having an edge or edges so formed. Geometry. the space within two lines or three or more planes diverging from a common point, or within two planes diverging from […]

  • Angledug

    noun (Southwest English, dialect) an earthworm Also angletwitch

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