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Angle of lead

the phase difference, expressed in degrees, by which one sinusoidal function is moving ahead of a second having the same period, as alternating voltage moving ahead of the alternating current.


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  • Angle of pitch

    the acute angle between the longitudinal axis of an aircraft or spacecraft and the direction of the wind relative to the vehicle.

  • Angle of polarization

    See under . the law that light will receive maximum polarization from a reflecting surface when it is incident to the surface at an angle (angle of polarization or polarizing angle) having a tangent equal to the index of refraction of the surface.

  • Angle of reflection

    the angle that a ray of light or the like, reflected from a surface, makes with a normal to the surface at the point of reflection. noun the angle that a beam of reflected radiation makes with the normal to a surface at the point of reflection angle of reflection The angle formed by a […]

  • Angle of repose

    the maximum slope, measured in degrees from the horizontal, at which loose solid material will remain in place without sliding. noun the maximum angle to the horizontal at which rocks, soil, etc, will remain without sliding

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