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(sometimes lowercase) to make or become English in form or character:
to Anglicize the pronunciation of a Russian name.
Contemporary Examples

The document, written in flawless English, is signed Andrew Barwick, an anglicized version of his name.
Britain’s Right-Wing Hate William Underhill July 24, 2011

Historical Examples

This is the anglicized form of Metzelsuppe; metzeln means to kill and cut to pieces—especially for sausage meat.
Home Life in Colonial Days Alice Morse Earle

When the Americans were established on its banks they anglicized this name into St. Peter’s.
Old Fort Snelling Marcus L. Hansen

Also known as the doblon de à 8; anglicized as “piece of eight.”
The Bible in Spain – Vol. 2 [of 2] George Borrow

They are then said to be naturalized, or anglicized, or Englished.
An English Grammar W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell

It is of the date of about 1200; its style is anglicized, the grammar loose, and parts of it are lost.
The Chronicle of the Norman Conquest Master Wace

It is the anglicized version of the French word “ronce” for brier or bramble and “verte” for green.
How Justice Grew Martha W. (Martha Woodroof) Hiden

The two men did not meet again until luncheon-time, anglicized into a one-o’clock meal for their benefit.
The Avenger E. Phillips Oppenheim

In fact, notwithstanding that the anglicized form of her given name is Grace, its real meaning is “the ugly.”
Women of England, Volume 9 (of 10) Burleigh James Bartlett

Finally he came back to Paris, anglicized to his very galoshes.
The Bibliotaph Leon H. Vincent

verb -cizes, -cizing, -cized, -cises, -cising, -cised, -fies, -fying, -fied
(sometimes capital) to make or become English in outlook, attitude, form, etc

1710, with -ize + Medieval Latin Anglicus “of the English,” from Angli “the Angles” (see Angle). Related: Anglicized; anglicizing.


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