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belonging to, relating to, or involving England and America, especially the United States, or the people of the two countries:
the Anglo-American policy toward Russia.
of or relating to Anglo-Americans.
a native or descendant of a native of England who has settled in or become a citizen of America, especially of the United States.
Contemporary Examples

Pearlstein foresees a growing shift of power away from “old Europe” and Anglo-American models.
How’d Obama Do at the G-20? The Daily Beast April 2, 2009

He has no equal in contemporary Anglo-American letters; there are followers and disciples but no heir apparent.
How Will Hitchens Be Remembered? Jason Cowley December 15, 2011

The Anglo-American “conversations” about the timing of the second front often grew heated and testy.
D-Day Historian Craig Symonds Talks About History’s Most Amazing Invasion Marc Wortman June 4, 2014

Along with all the others, an Anglo-American controversy (still unresolved today) grew up out of this matter of Omaha.
Blood in the Sand: When James Jones Wrote a Grunt’s View of D-Day James Jones November 14, 2014

Is it possible that the entire Anglo-American world offers too narrow a scope?
Who Stole the Thriller? Alexander Nazaryan March 21, 2010

Historical Examples

Maulevrier says it is delightfully amusing—ever so much better than the beaten track of life in Anglo-American Paris.’
Phantom Fortune, A Novel M. E. Braddon

Those, it will be remembered, were the days before Anglo-American copyright.
A Writer’s Recollections (In Two Volumes), Volume II Mrs. Humphry Ward

Up to the year 1877 nearly all the pioneer work in the interior of the Congo basin was the outcome of Anglo-American enterprise.
The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.) John Holland Rose

The instinct of her Anglo-American nature revolted at the unfairness of the struggle.
Remember the Alamo Amelia E. Barr

It’s to be an Anglo-American pageant, to symbolize the school.
The Jolliest School of All Angela Brazil

of or relating to relations between England and the United States or their peoples
(mainly US) an inhabitant or citizen of the United States who was or whose ancestors were born in England

1738, from Anglo- + American. Originally often in contrast to German immigrants. In contrast to non-English neighboring or border people in the U.S. from 1809 (adj.); 1834 (n.). Meaning “pertaining to both England and the United States” is from 1812.


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