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a person who is friendly to or admires England or English customs, institutions, etc.
Contemporary Examples

Primarily because the way most of us in the west and Anglophile world view the history of the Great War is from the winning side.
How WWI Produced the Holocaust J.P. O’Malley November 20, 2014

The California Anglophile spent days before this trip poring over British gossip blogs to identify the hottest royal hangouts.
Invasion of the Harry Hunters McKay Coppins March 20, 2011

The founder, Motilal Nehru, an Anglophile barrister, was a liberal member of the Indian nationalist movement.
The Unstoppable Gandhi Aravind Adiga April 22, 2009

Before they became Indian nationalists, the Nehrus were Anglophile to the bone.
Hold Onto Your Penis David Frum, Justin Green November 28, 2012

His idea was eventually taken up by the Anglophile sports nut, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.
Olympics Kickoff: Boris Johnson on London’s Sporty Side Boris Johnson July 26, 2012

Historical Examples

Three of these were Anglophile like himself, and the work seemed not only vitally necessary but promising.
Talleyrand Joseph McCabe

I should say the same had it been Anglophile or Francophile.
Idling in Italy Joseph Collins

Both Tisza and the Austrian society showed strong symptoms of an Anglophile leaning.
Albert Ballin Bernhard Huldermann

He is an Anglophile, and was determined after the war to go to England in order to discover the secret of her greatness.
The Luck of Thirteen Jan Gordon

Anglophile, too, and always ate porridge for breakfast—up till August 1914.
Mortal Coils Aldous Huxley

a person having admiration for England or the English
marked by or possessing such admiration

1864, in reference to France, from Anglo- + -phile. Both Anglomania (1787) and Anglophobia (1793) are first attested in writings of Thomas Jefferson.


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