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Angora cat

a long-haired variety of the domestic cat, raised originally in Angora, having a long body, pointed head, and bushy tail.
Historical Examples

It was much nicer upstairs in the nursery with Mimi, the Angora cat.
Life and Death of Harriett Frean May Sinclair

Ask the Contessa if I have not achieved a beau succes with her Angora cat.
The Parisians, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The “young lady” was an Angora cat who embellished a shop in the neighborhood.
Edgar Saltus: The Man Marie Saltus

She was, perhaps, an unusual choice for the son of fairy-like mother and an Angora cat.
My Father, the Cat Henry Slesar

It was not a large box, nor heavy, just a small box with strips nailed across the top, and there was an Angora cat in it.
Mike Flannery On Duty and Off Ellis Parker Butler

The maid was putting the Angora cat out on the balcony among the dwarf evergreens.
Flamsted quarries Mary E. Waller

M. Sonnini, when in Egypt, had an Angora cat, of which he was extremely fond.
A Hundred Anecdotes of Animals Percy J. Billinghurst

But the McBrides have a houseful of children (anyway two or three) and a mother and father and grandmother, and an Angora cat.
Daddy Long-Legs Jean Webster

The Angora cat, in good condition, is one of the most beautiful and elegant creatures in the world, and few can resist its charm.
Concerning Cats Helen M. Winslow

Dressed in silk she lay there, coiled up like an Angora cat, eating sweetmeats, and smelling of perfume.
Fair Haven and Foul Strand August Strindberg

a long-haired variety of cat, originating in Britain from crosses between Abyssinian and Siamese breeds in the 1960s
a former Turkish breed of cats popular in the 19th century


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