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Angostura bitters

plural noun
trademark a bitter aromatic tonic made from gentian and various spices and vegetable colourings, used as a flavouring in alcoholic drinks
Contemporary Examples

Finish with angostura bitters and garnish with a lemon wheel.
Lights, Camera, Cocktails Brody Brown September 22, 2011

Historical Examples

Then six drops of angostura bitters, a wine-glassful of sherry, and half a wine-glassful of brandy.
Cakes & Ale Edward Spencer

One teaspoonful of sifted sugar, ten drops of angostura bitters, a small slice of pine-apple, and a shred of lemon peel.
Cakes & Ale Edward Spencer

“I wonder if angostura bitters really go with whisky,” said the Professor, toying with the neck of the bottle.
From Sea to Sea Rudyard Kipling

Ten drops of angostura bitters, one wine-glassful of gin, ten drops of curaoa, one shred of lemon peel.
Cakes & Ale Edward Spencer

Put into a small tumbler ten drops of angostura bitters, and one wine-glassful of Scotch whisky.
Cakes & Ale Edward Spencer

plural noun

a trademark for a highly concentrated food and beverage flavoring made from a secret formula of herbs and spices

Angostura bitters were developed in 1824 by Dr. J. Siegert, who intended them for use as a tonic to treat fatigue and stomach ailments.
Word Origin

1824; from Angostura, Venezuela
Usage Note



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