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Angus og

the god of love and beauty, the patron deity of young men and women.
Historical Examples

When Angus Og had said these words he ceased, and for a time there was silence in the little cave.
The Crock of Gold James Stephens

And he struck off her head and brought it back with him to Angus Og.
Gods and Fighting Men Lady I. A. Gregory

Then Angus Og put upon his bride glorious raiment, and they went out to the sunlight.
The Crock of Gold James Stephens

She was so thinking when Angus Og came to her from the fields.
The Crock of Gold James Stephens

Again Angus Og lifted his hand, and in it there appeared a spear, bright and very terrible.
The Crock of Gold James Stephens

One of these she gave to each of the children and one she kept herself, whereupon they set out upon their journey to Angus Og.
The Crock of Gold James Stephens

Angus Og lifted his hand and from without there came again the triumphant music of the birds.
The Crock of Gold James Stephens

This done she set about baking the three cakes against her journey to Angus Og.
The Crock of Gold James Stephens

(Irish myth) the god of love and beauty


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