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any of various totipalmate swimming birds of the family Anhingidae, having a very long and flexible neck.
Historical Examples

It was an anhinga, one of the most singular specimens of web-footed birds that can be found anywhere.
Adventures of a Young Naturalist Lucien Biart

Ripley reports the occurrence of “about a dozen anhingas (presumably anhinga melanogaster)” at Babelthuap on 12 November 1946.
The Avifauna of Micronesia, Volume 3 Rollin H. Baker

He says he found a peculiar parasite in the brain of the anhinga.
Birds, Illustrated by Color Photography [July 1897] Various

The latter, I must confess, did not seem to us so nice as the dark-colored meat of the anhinga.
Adventures of a Young Naturalist Lucien Biart

The flesh of the anhinga is not valuable, as it is hard and tough.
Adventures of a Young Naturalist Lucien Biart

A bird found in Florida, the anhinga, has in its brain a nematode whose presence in that organ is not accidental.
Animal Parasites and Messmates P. J. Van Beneden

another name for darter (sense 1)

American fishing bird (also called the snake-bird), 1769, from a Tupi word which sometimes is said to mean “snake-bird.”


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