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any of several black, tropical American cuckoos of the genus Crotophaga, having a compressed, bladelike bill.
Contemporary Examples

ani Amir Amreeka fi Sinjar,” said their father proudly, laughing, which translates as, “I am the prince of America in Sinjar.
Obama Went to War to Save Them, But They Can’t Get U.S. Visas Christine van den Toorn, Sherizaan Minwalla September 27, 2014

A local anchoress named ani Nawang Pema had a different plan.
Breaking Mount Everest’s Glass Ceiling Amanda Padoan, Peter Zuckerman March 29, 2014

An ani DiFranco or Tori Amos can be neutralized with a hefty country section or heavy metal.
Michael Sam Is Not a ‘Distraction’ Dave Cullen February 11, 2014

Some work on a charity, ani Ensahn, or I Am Human, which provides social services to 200 families displaced by the war.
The Face of Libya’s Revolution Ann Marlowe April 17, 2011

But the song I loved the best was one not danced to: “ani Maamin” (I Believe).
The Danger of Two-State Messianism Ian S. Lustick October 1, 2013

Historical Examples

And you really believe that you will succeed in putting the sparrow on the eagle’s perch—ani on the throne of Rameses?
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

“Against Rameses, and for ani,” she replied, giving him her slender hand.
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

ani’s hawk is dead; he has nothing to hope for from Fortune, and I nothing to hope for from him.
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

“Because now prudent hesitation would be want of prudence,” said ani.
Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers

They build in small colonies but do not, as is claimed of the common ani, build a large nest for several to occupy.
The Bird Book Chester A. Reed

noun (pl) anis
any of several gregarious tropical American birds of the genus Crotophaga: family Cuculidae (cuckoos). They have a black plumage, long square-tipped tail, and heavily hooked bill

black bird of the cuckoo family, 1829, from Spanish or Portuguese ani, from Tupi.

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